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Why aren't my steps showing up / accurate?

There are a couple reasons your steps might not be syncing. Please review these common issues.

You've just signed up

Sometimes it takes a while for steps to sync from your health app or wearable to the PUML app. If you have just joined PUML, please wait 24 hours and then check to see if your activity data has updated.

You've entered steps manually

If you are connecting to a fitness wearable or app, make sure not to enter any steps manually before PUML is connected to your device. You must connect to your fitness device first and after you can also manually enter activity that was not recorded by your device. (Manual activity entry is only available for corporate challenges, not public challenges)

If you have manually entered steps but also want to connect to a fitness device, please follow these steps.

1. Make sure you have the fitness app you'd like to use installed on your phone (Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit, Garmin or Apple Watch).

2. Go to your challenge page and hit the Exit Challenge icon. Before exiting, take note of how many steps you've manually entered, as they will be cleared and you will need to re-enter later.

3. Re-enter your challenge and make sure to select the device you'd like to use when prompted.

4. Once you've re-entered your challenge, you will need to re-enter any steps you've manually entered previously (when you exited the challenge they will have been cleared). Click the manual entry icon to enter steps manually. 

5. You will also need to manually enter your steps under any team you join. The steps are tracked separately so you will need to re-enter them under both the main challenge and the team challenge.

You're using Google Fit

If you are connecting to Google Fit please check out this article to make sure you are properly connected. Since you can have multiple Google accounts, sometimes issues arise with activity syncing.

A third party app is connecting to your fitness app

If a non-approved fitness app is updating your Google Fit or Apple Health, your steps won't be counted. Currently, the only approved apps that can update your Google Fit and Apple Health are:

  • Garmin
  • Fitbit
  • Apple Watch